Update: Store, Discord Bot

Hi there! Long time no chat – we’ve been hard at work filling custom orders for our clients and have had little time to even remember a blog exists! Fret no longer, however – we come with an update or two sure to be worthy of the absence.

Shadowed Store

We have opened our own storefront! Here you will be able to purchase various things that may be Unity related, but not necessarily fit for the Asset Store (like the Discord bot below, for example!), as well as all of our assets, and even some from our partners!

Unity Publisher Invoice Verification Bot for Discord

This week, we released a Discord bot for Unity Asset Store publishers that automagically verifies invoices for Asset Store purchases. The bot features the capability to assign each asset its’ own role – don’t wait, buy it today! Unity Publisher Invoice Verification Bot can be found here. Cost: $25 USD.

This is just the beginning, folks. Stay tuned for more updates and even more cool things headed your way in the next year!