Unite 2023 Keynote

In one hour, Unity will be streaming their Unite 2023 Keynote presentation on YouTube (embedded below – don’t miss it!) to announce upcoming changes to the engine. They summarized most of them in this blog post, and there are some big changes in store.

Unity 6

It appears we’re refactoring the version numbers for the engine starting with the next release (which has had its own fair share of drama already!) – I’d wager this is because they’ve fallen a bit behind on the yearly release cadence.


Unity 6 is bringing some power to web builds with native WebGPU support, effectively upgrading from WebGL. This is going to be a MAJOR improvement and open much more possibilities for future games.

Megacity Metro

They’re refreshing their Megacity demo from 2018 with a new focus on cross-platform multiplayer and adding some polish to the demo to better showcase NetCode for Entities and their Multiplay Hosting services.

Unity Muse and Unity Sentis

Unity has finished beta testing their upcoming AI offerings and will be releasing them to the general public very soon. Access to Muse will cost $30 USD per month. In addition, Unity Sentis has been released to the general public and allows developers to use ONNX datasets to run AI models within the engine at runtime.

Black Friday Sale

Don’t forget to pick up some amazing assets on the Asset Store for Black Friday! Save up to 70% on amazing assets while the sale lasts! (Affiliate links!)

Much more

There is definitely much more to unpack, so check out some of the above links, or watch the Keynote livestream in the embed below!