Ultimate Unity Fantasy Humble Bundle

Our friends over at InfinityPBR have teamed up with Humble Bundle once again to bring you the Ultimate Unity Fantasy Game Dev Bundle!

Packed with dungeons, dragons, orcs, armors and much more – don’t miss this steal of a deal!

Interactivity Toolkit Integrations – Enviro and UniStorm

Good news, everyone! Are you ready to add an unfathomable amount of interactivity and immersion to your game worlds? Introducing Enviro for Interactivity Toolkit (read more) and UniStorm for Interactivity Toolkit.

Combine ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit with the powerful weather of Enviro or UniStorm with our new integrations! Your props can now interact with weather changes, time of day, or seasonal changes, adding to the plethora of options already available by default in ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit.

Interactivity Toolkit for RPG Builder

Interactivity Toolkit for RPG Builder has been released on the Unity Asset Store! This asset integrates our latest release, ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit with RPG Builder to seamlessly combine our interactive props with RPG Builder’s interactive nodes.

You can grab Interactivity Toolkit for RPG Builder on the Unity Asset Store.

ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit is also available on the Unity Asset Store.

Humble Bundle X Unity

Unity and Humble Bundle have teamed up big this year with TWO bundles! The first bundle is a Fantasy RPG asset bundle with quite a few gems in it. Here’s some of the key assets in the Fantasy RPG bundle:

Here’s the link!

Next up is the FPS Games & Game Dev Assets bundle, which has a variety of AI solutions, a third person shooter toolkit, a first person shooter toolkit, a MULTIPLAYER shooter toolkit and more! Here’s some of the key assets in the FPS bundle:

Here’s the link!

Note: the above links are affiliate links. Any purchases made by following those links will trickle a small amount of your purchase back to Shadowed Souls Studios to help us continue development!

Sprint into Spring

Sprint into Spring with the Unity Asset Store and save up to 50% off of some of the most popular assets for building all kinds of games, and 70% off of the selected daily asset!

Unity Asset Store – Sprint Into Spring Sale

Note: we receive a small commission off of any purchases made in the Unity Asset Store when you follow the above banner link. This helps us continue developing more game titles!