AFS – Ultimate Workshops and Crafting

The ULTIMATE Workshops and Crafting pack has finally arrived! It covers an enormous range of professions and crafting supplies – too many to list! There are stations for enchanters, painters, armor and weapon smiths, woodcutters, farmers, weavers, tinkerers, engineers, leatherworkers, tailors, and so much more!

These pieces are designed to fit in beautifully with the rest of the Aquarius Fantasy Series or any other pack! You can find the demo on Aquarius Max’ Discord, or pick the asset up here:

Stylized Poly Rock Formations

Our partner artist, Aquarius Max ( has released a new asset today on the Unity Asset Store! A set of highly stylized, low polygon rocks to make any scene pop to life – regardless of biome! You won’t be disappointed.

Pick it up today on the Unity Asset Store!