AFS – Ultimate Workshops and Crafting

The ULTIMATE Workshops and Crafting pack has finally arrived! It covers an enormous range of professions and crafting supplies – too many to list! There are stations for enchanters, painters, armor and weapon smiths, woodcutters, farmers, weavers, tinkerers, engineers, leatherworkers, tailors, and so much more!

These pieces are designed to fit in beautifully with the rest of the Aquarius Fantasy Series or any other pack! You can find the demo on Aquarius Max’ Discord, or pick the asset up here:

February Update

To begin, our apologies for the lack of updates; we’ve had our noses to the grind stone! The art team has been working hard on the upcoming AFS – Ultimate Workshops and Crafting pack to get it prepared for release.

Meanwhile, I have been working on an entirely new asset – ShadowBox: Game Toolkit. This asset will be the spiritual successor of ShadowBox: Interaction Toolkit, and includes a bevy of new utility modules to enhance your workflow and bring immersion to your games.

Standard modules for ShadowBox: Game Toolkit will include Archivist, Interactions, Menu Master, Stagehand, and UI Toolkit. Here’s a brief rundown on their features.

Archivist: A robust, event driven data serialization manager powered by Odin Serializer. (+U)
Interactions: Add interactive props and game objects to your scenes in moments. (+I)
Menu Master: Easily add graphics quality, audio, and keybind settings to your game(s). (+U)
Stagehand: A powerful scene manager for loading, unloading, and managing scenes in builds.
UI Toolkit: Adds a handful of useful utilities and functionality to Unity’s IMGUI.

These modules will be included in ShadowBox: Game Toolkit by default, to compliment future modules such as Magellan, Fleet Footed, Bag of Holding, Homesteading, Boot Camp, and more!

Stay tuned, folks! We’ve got a lot coming your way.

+U – Utility
+I – Immersion

Stylized Poly Rock Formations

Our partner artist, Aquarius Max ( has released a new asset today on the Unity Asset Store! A set of highly stylized, low polygon rocks to make any scene pop to life – regardless of biome! You won’t be disappointed.

Pick it up today on the Unity Asset Store!