When one door closes…

…this is guaranteed to open it back up! Today, I’m going to offer a peek at one of the in house editor tools our artists will be using soon! Introducing the Shadowed Door.

In reality, a door on a hinge will swing along a set radius to open or close. In a game, the door has to be told how to swing, otherwise it will instantaneously move from one position to another, defying all known laws of physics. This can be handled with a simple linearly interpolated movement, broken up over a set duration.

However, I think doors are a little more complex than simply swinging to and fro. They can lock, they can change direction before fully being opened or closed, and the hinges can exist pretty much anywhere.

As I began further fleshing out the functionality of a basic hinged door, I was soon overwhelmed by the inspector for the door component. So I set out to fix this cluster of variables, and am quite happy with the results. Take a look!