ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit

Does your environment have props that could use a little boost? Doors that don’t budge, windows that won’t open, levers that are more akin to sconces? Perhaps you’ve got a desk with glued on drawers? We’ve been hard at work the past two weeks building an easy to use, simple way to add interactions to your environment, and would like to present the first few glimpses of ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, and may not represent the final product.


Doors: Perfect for trapdoors, drawbridges, dwelling doors, chests, and much more!
Windows and Shutters: Open a window! Hey! Close that window, pal! You’re letting a draft in!
Drawers: What good is a filing cabinet if it can’t hold files? In, Out. In, Out.
Portcullis Doors: When one door closes, another opens, or so the saying goes.
Switches and Levers: There is an evil necromancer crying, because nobody has pulled her lever. Pull the lever, Kronk!
Buttons: We all love a good button! Press the button! Go on! That was easy.