February Update

To begin, our apologies for the lack of updates; we’ve had our noses to the grind stone! The art team has been working hard on the upcoming AFS – Ultimate Workshops and Crafting pack to get it prepared for release.

Meanwhile, I have been working on an entirely new asset – ShadowBox: Game Toolkit. This asset will be the spiritual successor of ShadowBox: Interaction Toolkit, and includes a bevy of new utility modules to enhance your workflow and bring immersion to your games.

Standard modules for ShadowBox: Game Toolkit will include Archivist, Interactions, Menu Master, Stagehand, and UI Toolkit. Here’s a brief rundown on their features.

Archivist: A robust, event driven data serialization manager powered by Odin Serializer. (+U)
Interactions: Add interactive props and game objects to your scenes in moments. (+I)
Menu Master: Easily add graphics quality, audio, and keybind settings to your game(s). (+U)
Stagehand: A powerful scene manager for loading, unloading, and managing scenes in builds.
UI Toolkit: Adds a handful of useful utilities and functionality to Unity’s IMGUI.

These modules will be included in ShadowBox: Game Toolkit by default, to compliment future modules such as Magellan, Fleet Footed, Bag of Holding, Homesteading, Boot Camp, and more!

Stay tuned, folks! We’ve got a lot coming your way.

+U – Utility
+I – Immersion