Enviro for RPG Builder

The long awaited update is finally here; Enviro for RPG Builder is finally released. Bring the beautiful weather and skyboxes of Enviro Lite, Enviro 2, or Enviro 3 to RPG Builder in moments and elevate your scene to a brand new level.

Get it here! https://www.shadowed.games/RPGBEnviro

Unity Mega Bundles :: Power Up Tools

Unity has dropped another Mega Bundle this month – the Power Up Tools Mega Bundle! It includes amazing assets like Real Ivy 2, Wheel Controller 3D, Ragdoll Animator, Combat Framework, and much more! There are three tiers, starting at $30, $35, and $40 USD with each tier unlocking more content. The total savings is $3,968 USD on the $40 tier! What a STEAL!

Get it here: https://www.shadowed.games/PowerUpBundle

Stylized Forge and Bellows

Our first art asset, Stylized Forge and Bellows has been released on the Unity Asset Store! It is a lowpoly primitive forge and bellows set for survival and crafting games. Fully animated, includes particle effects, sounds, and ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit integration.

Get it now! https://www.shadowed.games/StylizedForge

UMA for RPG Builder 2.0.0 – Pending Approval

It has been far too long since RPG Builder 2.0.0 was released, but after a long upgrade process, (we recreated the asset from the ground up!) UMA for RPG Builder 2.0.0 has been submitted to the Unity Asset Store for approval! While you wait, check out the new tutorial video!

ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit Update – v1.2.0

ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit has been updated to version 1.2.0! This brings a variety of changes to the underlying code in the toolkit, in preparation to decouple ShadowBox into a separate framework.

The main changes include:

  • NEW! Module Configuration System – ShadowBox is evolving into a framework, and as such, will have a variety of planned (and unplanned) modules and integrations in the future. The new module system allows you to enable or disable specific modules as necessary for your project or scene(s).
  • Namespace Change – The primary namespace for ShadowBox has changed from Shadowed to ShadowBox. This better aligns with the directory structure and package name.
  • Directory Change – The primary directory for the Interactivity Toolkit module has changed.
  • NEW! Online Documentation – Online documentation for ShadowBox and its’ assorted modules can be found here. The documentation included therein is a work in progress, and is subject to change.
  • BUG SQUASH – Dome Colliders now properly work!
  • NEW! Extra Fields – Additional trigger options have appeared in both Dome Collider and Box Trigger Areas.
  • Editor Window and Inspector Theming – Reworked all existing editors and inspectors for ShadowBox and assorted modules to be more uniform and readable regardless of Unity Editor theme.

You can find ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit by clicking here!

Game Dev Guild Conference 2022

Want to learn tips, tricks, and best practices from veteran indie Unity developers? Covering topics like VR, optimization, visual scripting, business tips, talks on how to land jobs, publishing assets, AI, character controllers, DOTS, audio and more, plus a slew of sweet bonuses, this conference is one you can attend in your pajamas.

The conference is hosted by Jason Weimann and features talks by indie Unity developers such as Thomas Brush, Blackthornprod, Justin P. Barnett, Jabrils, and many more…

Check out the upcoming Game Dev Guild Conference and reserve your seat now!

Preview: Enviro for Interactivity Toolkit

Check out the upcoming Enviro for Interactivity Toolkit package for ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit!

Use RPG Builder? Pair it with Interactivity Toolkit for RPG Builder and Enviro for RPG Builder!

Help your games reach new heights in immersion and interactivity. Check it out in the video below!

But wait, there’s more! Want a preview of the documentation, too?! You’re in luck!

Update: Store, Discord Bot

Hi there! Long time no chat – we’ve been hard at work filling custom orders for our clients and have had little time to even remember a blog exists! Fret no longer, however – we come with an update or two sure to be worthy of the absence.

Shadowed Store

We have opened our own storefront! Here you will be able to purchase various things that may be Unity related, but not necessarily fit for the Asset Store (like the Discord bot below, for example!), as well as all of our assets, and even some from our partners!

Unity Publisher Invoice Verification Bot for Discord

This week, we released a Discord bot for Unity Asset Store publishers that automagically verifies invoices for Asset Store purchases. The bot features the capability to assign each asset its’ own role – don’t wait, buy it today! Unity Publisher Invoice Verification Bot can be found here. Cost: $25 USD.

This is just the beginning, folks. Stay tuned for more updates and even more cool things headed your way in the next year!