ShadowBox: Icon Studio [v1.1.0 – Released!]

ShadowBox: Icon Studio v1.1.0 has been released and is available now on the Unity Asset Store! This update adds the option to create solid colored icons, perfect for creating UI elements.

ShadowBox: Icon Studio gives you the power to create 1:1 icons from any game object in your project! Whether you need UI icons, icons with transparent backgrounds, frames, overlays, or icons with fancy backgrounds, Icon Studio has you covered.

February Update

To begin, our apologies for the lack of updates; we’ve had our noses to the grind stone! The art team has been working hard on the upcoming AFS – Ultimate Workshops and Crafting pack to get it prepared for release.

Meanwhile, I have been working on an entirely new asset – ShadowBox: Game Toolkit. This asset will be the spiritual successor of ShadowBox: Interaction Toolkit, and includes a bevy of new utility modules to enhance your workflow and bring immersion to your games.

Standard modules for ShadowBox: Game Toolkit will include Archivist, Interactions, Menu Master, Stagehand, and UI Toolkit. Here’s a brief rundown on their features.

Archivist: A robust, event driven data serialization manager powered by Odin Serializer. (+U)
Interactions: Add interactive props and game objects to your scenes in moments. (+I)
Menu Master: Easily add graphics quality, audio, and keybind settings to your game(s). (+U)
Stagehand: A powerful scene manager for loading, unloading, and managing scenes in builds.
UI Toolkit: Adds a handful of useful utilities and functionality to Unity’s IMGUI.

These modules will be included in ShadowBox: Game Toolkit by default, to compliment future modules such as Magellan, Fleet Footed, Bag of Holding, Homesteading, Boot Camp, and more!

Stay tuned, folks! We’ve got a lot coming your way.

+U – Utility
+I – Immersion

ShadowBox: Idle Actions

Level up the immersion in your games with ShadowBox: Idle Actions! Instead of a single idle animation, setting up complex animation controllers, or coding a state machine yourself, let ShadowBox: Idle Actions do the work for you!

ShadowBox: Idle Actions detects when your player or their companions haven’t moved or been interactive, and chooses from a defined list of available Idle Actions to perform. Each idle action has two states; on entering, and on exiting. When entering or exiting an idle state, you can play an animation and/or sound clip, and invoke UnityEvents. Get it on the Unity Asset Store today!

ShadowBox: Icon Studio

We’re back again, this time with a very useful utility to help you generate icons for your games with a few easy clicks! ShadowBox: Icon Studio enables anyone to create icons of their game objects within seconds.

Want to add an overlay? No problem! Spice up your icons even further by adding a foreground overlay to add layered effects! Need transparency instead? ShadowBox: Icon Studio has you covered, regardless of the style you choose.

Simply enter the studio scene, place your object(s), scale and rotate them into the desired position(s), and let ShadowBox: Icon Studio do the rest. Available now on the Unity Asset Store.

ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit Update – v1.2.0

ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit has been updated to version 1.2.0! This brings a variety of changes to the underlying code in the toolkit, in preparation to decouple ShadowBox into a separate framework.

The main changes include:

  • NEW! Module Configuration System – ShadowBox is evolving into a framework, and as such, will have a variety of planned (and unplanned) modules and integrations in the future. The new module system allows you to enable or disable specific modules as necessary for your project or scene(s).
  • Namespace Change – The primary namespace for ShadowBox has changed from Shadowed to ShadowBox. This better aligns with the directory structure and package name.
  • Directory Change – The primary directory for the Interactivity Toolkit module has changed.
  • NEW! Online Documentation – Online documentation for ShadowBox and its’ assorted modules can be found here. The documentation included therein is a work in progress, and is subject to change.
  • BUG SQUASH – Dome Colliders now properly work!
  • NEW! Extra Fields – Additional trigger options have appeared in both Dome Collider and Box Trigger Areas.
  • Editor Window and Inspector Theming – Reworked all existing editors and inspectors for ShadowBox and assorted modules to be more uniform and readable regardless of Unity Editor theme.

You can find ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit by clicking here!

Preview: Enviro for Interactivity Toolkit

Check out the upcoming Enviro for Interactivity Toolkit package for ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit!

Use RPG Builder? Pair it with Interactivity Toolkit for RPG Builder and Enviro for RPG Builder!

Help your games reach new heights in immersion and interactivity. Check it out in the video below!

But wait, there’s more! Want a preview of the documentation, too?! You’re in luck!