ShadowBox: Icon Studio [v1.1.0 – Released!]

ShadowBox: Icon Studio v1.1.0 has been released and is available now on the Unity Asset Store! This update adds the option to create solid colored icons, perfect for creating UI elements.

ShadowBox: Icon Studio gives you the power to create 1:1 icons from any game object in your project! Whether you need UI icons, icons with transparent backgrounds, frames, overlays, or icons with fancy backgrounds, Icon Studio has you covered.

AFS – Ultimate Workshops and Crafting

The ULTIMATE Workshops and Crafting pack has finally arrived! It covers an enormous range of professions and crafting supplies – too many to list! There are stations for enchanters, painters, armor and weapon smiths, woodcutters, farmers, weavers, tinkerers, engineers, leatherworkers, tailors, and so much more!

These pieces are designed to fit in beautifully with the rest of the Aquarius Fantasy Series or any other pack! You can find the demo on Aquarius Max’ Discord, or pick the asset up here:

ShadowBox: Idle Actions

Level up the immersion in your games with ShadowBox: Idle Actions! Instead of a single idle animation, setting up complex animation controllers, or coding a state machine yourself, let ShadowBox: Idle Actions do the work for you!

ShadowBox: Idle Actions detects when your player or their companions haven’t moved or been interactive, and chooses from a defined list of available Idle Actions to perform. Each idle action has two states; on entering, and on exiting. When entering or exiting an idle state, you can play an animation and/or sound clip, and invoke UnityEvents. Get it on the Unity Asset Store today!

ShadowBox: Icon Studio

We’re back again, this time with a very useful utility to help you generate icons for your games with a few easy clicks! ShadowBox: Icon Studio enables anyone to create icons of their game objects within seconds.

Want to add an overlay? No problem! Spice up your icons even further by adding a foreground overlay to add layered effects! Need transparency instead? ShadowBox: Icon Studio has you covered, regardless of the style you choose.

Simply enter the studio scene, place your object(s), scale and rotate them into the desired position(s), and let ShadowBox: Icon Studio do the rest. Available now on the Unity Asset Store.

Black Friday Sale!

The Unity Asset Store is kicking off its Black Friday sale early! This year features flash sales for featured assets at 70% off while supplies last! The first set of assets includes the World Building Bundle – 2021 Edition by Procedural Worlds, and The Big Castle Kit by Triplebrick.

World Building Bundle – 2021 Edition by Procedural Worlds includes the following assets: GeNa Pro – Terrains, Villages, Roads & Rivers, Gaia Pro 2021, Ambient Sounds – Interactive Soundscapes, Pegasus, and SECTR COMPLETE 2019. This bundle of world building tools allows you to procedurally generate gorgeous environments with relative ease. Featured in the Intel AI GameDev Toolkit!

The Big Castle Kit by Triplebrick includes everything you need to create a realistic medieval castle environment that makes you feel like you’re really there.

These are accompanied by Atavism X.6 On-Premises and Flat Kit: Toon Shading and Water.

The sale kicks off in a few hours, don’t miss it!

Unity Mega Bundles :: Power Up Tools

Unity has dropped another Mega Bundle this month – the Power Up Tools Mega Bundle! It includes amazing assets like Real Ivy 2, Wheel Controller 3D, Ragdoll Animator, Combat Framework, and much more! There are three tiers, starting at $30, $35, and $40 USD with each tier unlocking more content. The total savings is $3,968 USD on the $40 tier! What a STEAL!

Get it here: