Black Friday Sale!

The Unity Asset Store is kicking off its Black Friday sale early! This year features flash sales for featured assets at 70% off while supplies last! The first set of assets includes the World Building Bundle – 2021 Edition by Procedural Worlds, and The Big Castle Kit by Triplebrick.

World Building Bundle – 2021 Edition by Procedural Worlds includes the following assets: GeNa Pro – Terrains, Villages, Roads & Rivers, Gaia Pro 2021, Ambient Sounds – Interactive Soundscapes, Pegasus, and SECTR COMPLETE 2019. This bundle of world building tools allows you to procedurally generate gorgeous environments with relative ease. Featured in the Intel AI GameDev Toolkit!

The Big Castle Kit by Triplebrick includes everything you need to create a realistic medieval castle environment that makes you feel like you’re really there.

These are accompanied by Atavism X.6 On-Premises and Flat Kit: Toon Shading and Water.

The sale kicks off in a few hours, don’t miss it!